Pilot Walkout Leads to Lufthansa Flight Disruptions


A planned pilot walkout has forced Lufthansa to cancel more than 100 Munich flights today (Sept. 10) affecting thousands of passengers.

The eight-hour walkout by members of the Vereinigung Cockpit union is the third strike at the German airline in two weeks.

Lufthansa has published a special flight schedule for its Munich hub at its web site.

Thomas Klühr, member of the Lufthansa German Airlines Board, Finances & Hub Munich, commented, “This strike will cause severe inconveniences for our passengers, especially during the final holiday week in Bavaria amid the traditional traffic peak as many travellers return home. We deeply regret that our passengers again have to bear the brunt of uncompromising measures undertaken by the VC union… we will do everything in Munich to ease the impact on our passengers. I explicitly want to thank those pilots who will be flying despite the walkout and thereby enabling long-haul flights from Munich to continue.”

The strike at Munich, Lufthansa’s biggest airport after Frankfurt, is likely to affect 13,500 passengers.

Lufthansa said that although the strike would not result in long-haul flights being cancelled, there could be some delays.