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A Warm Welcome From Grenada To Canadian Arrivals

Grenada welcomed the return of air service from Canada with the arrival of Air Canada flight 1066 on Oct. 31 October.

Captain John Petropoulos and 169 passengers were warmly greeted by Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) CEO Petra Roach, Marketing Executives Renee Goodwin and Shanai St Bernard and the pulsating rhythms steel pan music.

The pilot and crew were presented with a coffee table book, Grenada Heritage “A Pictorial Journey Through Place and Time” and a selection of locally made chocolates. Passengers were gifted tote bags that included a collection of authentic Grenadian goods.

To stimulate demand for the twice weekly flights from Toronto, on Sundays and Wednesdays, the GTA has embarked on an aggressive marketing campaign employing traditional, digital, and social media tactics in the Canadian market with Air Canada and TravelBrands.

GTA CEO, Petra Roach commented: “Canadians are eager to travel and we anticipate that there will be a surge in international trips during the winter period, particularly to warm weather destinations. We therefore need to be visible in the marketplace to take advantage of this pent-up demand and position Grenada as the ideal destination for Canadians seeking an escape from frigid temperatures to holiday in an authentic destination.”

In 2019, Grenada welcomed a total of 17,911 Canadians.

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Grenada Tourism Authority, CEO, Petra Roach, centre, with Captain John Petropoulos, third from left, and Air Canada flight crew