Canada Well Represented At Thailand Travel Mart+ 2022

The Thailand Travel Mart+ 2022 took place in Phuket, Thailand from June 8 to June 10 and attracted a sizable contingent of Canadians.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand used the show to give an update on Thailand’s tourism situation, including its relaxed entry requirements, its visitor arrivals targets, its new marketing direction, and more.

Eight Canadian companies at the show were represented by Bernard Bacle, Club Aventures (Ottawa); Marian Lam, JBC Canada (Vancouver); Frank Lin, Goway Travel (Vancouver); Tres Lobo, Dan Tours (Toronto); Lisa Lau, Okusho Tours (Toronto); Ricky Poon, Dream Travel (Vancouver); Willa Tao, Jollytime Travel (Vancouver); and  Consuelo Miller, Trip Support Inc. (Toronto).