Home Pix of the Trade Carnival president visits Grand Bahama

Continuing the ongoing partnership between Carnival and Grand Bahama, Carnival Cruise Line president Christine Duffy and members of her senior leadership team visited the island to meet with government officials, tour the line’s development site and host GirlCON’s third annual conference aboard Carnival Glory.

“We are so excited to visit beautiful Grand Bahama and tour the site of our development. We are looking forward to getting our project started in the near future,” said Duffy. “And working with GirlCON is just one of the many ways we plan to partner with the Grand Bahamian community and show our commitment to making a positive impact on the island.”

GirlCON’s event was designed to promote the organization’s vision of inspiring and empowering young Bahamian women. Duffy delivered the keynote address to 350 high school juniors and seniors of Grand Bahama, many of whom have been impacted by Hurricane Dorian.