Travel Webcast

Discovering Japan, Taiwan


Royal Scenic recently hosted a group of Royal Scenic Certified Asia Specialist agents on a fam to Japan and Taiwan. Highlights included a sushi-making workshop in Tokyo, a trip to Mt. Fuji and while in Taiwan, the agents took part in the annual Taiwan Lantern Festival. Agents also travelled to Sun Moon Lake where they saw the sights of Taipei from the top of Taipei 101, Taiwan’s tallest building.  Pictured (l-r) are Shaveta Verma, Worldwide Travel; Vicky Ho, RSH; Zdzislaw Wojcik, Piast Travel; Krishna Verma, Worldwide Travel; Wanda Slazak, Piast Travel; Kane Fong, Voyages Vasco; Estrella Rodriguez, Maligaya Travel; Natalie Chan, Japan Airlines; Jyoti Kalia, Travelair; and Nelson Rodriguez, Maligaya Travel.