Home Pix of the Trade Discovering Some Of Philadelphia’s Best-Kept Secrets

Visit Philadelphia brought some true (Love+) Grit to Toronto on March 1.

Tourist board representatives were on hand for an event that that had two Philadelphia residents — Wen Holland and Brice Isyah — who became Survivor contestants and are now on what’s dubbed The Brice & Wen Tour.

Love+Grit is also the name given to Visit Philadelphia podcasts “showing some of Philly’s best-kept secrets.” The tourist board adds that the podcasts tell ‘authentic and diverse stories about the places and people you should know.” and “show the true energy of our city.”

The Grit moniker isn’t unheard of in Philadelphia, with the mascot of the city’s NHL team called Gritty.

Meanwhile, tourism authorities note that those eager to see the city are being offered the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel Package, which offers people who buy two hotel nights a third free night, free parking and more.

Seen here are Visit Philadelphia’s Eric Cortes (left) and Rachel Ferguson along with intrepid international explorer Maiku Wong, who works with outdoor clothing company FJALLRAVEN