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Dubai takes the spotlightDubai was front and centre during a Toronto reception last night (Jan. 25), with Emirates and its partner WestJet, its tourist board and United Arab Emirates-based hotel firm Jumeirah welcoming travel industry personnel. Don McWilliam, manager Canada for Emirates, told the audience that his airline has seen its 23rd consecutive year of profitability, and will continue to grow, with the airline ordering more A380s and B777s. McWilliam reminded those travelling with the airline beyond Dubai that Dubai stopovers are available. Meanwhile, Emirates will begin daily B777 service from Seattle in March that McWilliam said will look attractive to those in the West wanting to visit Dubai. Pictured (l-r) are McWilliam, John Pease of WestJet, Jessica Herring, Dubai Representative Office in North America, and Seta Hana, Jumeirah Group.