Exodus Supporting India, Nepal With New Initiative

The Exodus Travels Foundation recently launched an initiative to support those affected by COVID-19 in India and Nepal.

The company announced an emergency appeal to provide aid to those countries and has so far raised over CDN$17,000 (or USD$14,000) less than a week after it launched the effort.

Exodus is aiming to provide food and health essentials for their porters, guides and other staff, as well as families in local communities.

With such an overwhelming response to the appeal so far, Exodus Travels is working closely with its partners to extend the breadth and reach of this aid.

Kasia Morgan, Head of Sustainability and Communities at Exodus Travels, observed: “We’ve heard from our partners in both countries about the impact of not only the health crisis, but also of the growing levels of need caused by the ongoing pause in global tourism – previously a key source of income for so many.”

The new initiative is in addition to the Exodus Travels Community Kickstarter Project which aims to support local communities across the globe affected by lack of tourism in the past 14 months.

From school essentials by boat, education catch up and fruit tree planting to shark conservation, food packages and distribution there are over 10 Kickstarter projects and more taking place globally.