Intrepid helps out

Intrepid Travel donated approximately $3,200 to its not-for-profit The Intrepid Foundation on behalf of Torontonians who made a $1 donation to its experience vending machine in the Toronto Eaton Centre in January.

The vending machine offered Torontonians a chance to win one of 12 free trips with a $1 donation to the business’ The Intrepid Foundation, which supports projects in the areas the company operates to have a positive impact on local communities and the planet. The vending machine collected $1,600 in donations, which Intrepid Travel matched, while giving 12 winners their choice of a free Intrepid Travel trip, with over 1,000 trips in 130 countries to pick from. The donations will go toward community-based tourism projects in places like Nepal and Australia, as well as animal welfare projects the company is working on with NGOs like World Animal Protection.