Lufthansa celebrates Diwali


To honour and celebrate Diwali, Lufthansa German Airlines has created “The Diwali Surprise” (also known as #Diwalisurprise) – the airline’s first all-digital campaign, rolled out globally in 80 countries. Beginning on Oct. 1, Lufthansa gave online participants an opportunity to spread light and love to friends and family all over the world. With more than a million participants to date, Lufthansa has been able to spread the Diwali message with three initiatives: Illuminate a plane: A participant’s wish adds light to help create a digital marvel of a Lufthansa 747-8, sparkling in Diwali lights. As soon as they have registered, participants are able to follow the illumination of the Lufthansa plane online; Wish Network: Users have access to a live map where their wishes will light up the countries of the sender and recipient; Light up a life: Each registered wish eventually helps to brighten a child’s life. To underline the Diwali emotion of togetherness and love, the wish will support children in need through help alliance projects across India.