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SeaWorld launches AnimalVision

SeaWorld launches AnimalVisionFor nearly five decades SeaWorld has connected guests to the natural world through innovative animal habitats and inspiring shows. With the launch of AnimalVision, 24/7, on-habitat cameras stream footage to customized interactive web sites, allowing visitors to create a connection right from the comfort of home at . Fans can enjoy the antics of Antarctic penguins racing through the water or waddling around their icy habitat. see a school of stingrays gliding past their screen, or check out sea turtles, some of the ocean’s most graceful animals. “AnimalVision allows our guests and fans to deepen their connection with animals. For some guests, being able to see these remarkable animals at the park and then continuing that voyage of exploration at home serves as a reminder about the important role we all play in helping these animals. For those planning a park visit, seeing our animals up-close will get families excited about visiting in person,” said Anne Fischer, director of interactive marketing for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.