Home Pix of the Trade Skal Hosts The Trade At Little Canada

Skal hosted a cocktail reception this week at one of Toronto’s newest and most unique venues, Little Canada. Catering for the event was by the Food Dudes.

And just so you know, Little Canada is a celebration of Canada and all that makes this country so great, shrunk into a two-hour experience, a place for residents and visitors alike to experience Canada and all that it has to offer, all under one roof.

Little Canada takes its visitors on a journey of discovery from the moment you enter, it is a place where you’ll lose yourself in our country’s captivating vistas, famous landmarks, iconic cityscapes, and telling the many diverse stories that connect people to Canada and the residents of this great country.

Its mission is to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity about Canada.

For more information about Toronto’s newest big attraction, Little Canada, and to purchase these unique experiences, go to www.little-canada.ca.