Spotlight on Botswana

Spotlight on BotswanaBotswana’s famed wildlife was on display during a Toronto showing of the National Geographic movie Last Lions last night (July 25), which told of a lioness’ struggle to survive and feed her cubs. “Botswana is a place where you can have the ultimate safari experience,” said Obenne Mbaakanyi, marketing manager for Botswana Tourism, who reports that having a comparatively small human population and a government committed to conservation ensures wildlife populations are healthy. “It’s as natural and wild as it was 40 to 50 years ago.” The country’s Chobe National Park is at times home to hundreds of thousands of elephants, she added. Belinda Combrink of Goway in turn said when she visits the country she feels like she’s in “the heart of Africa,” with locals believing that Botswana’s where “humankind had its start.” Seen here (l-r) are Leslee Hall of Botswana Tourism, Mbaakanyi and Moira Smith of Goway, which offers Botswana.