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Take a trip with National Geographic

Take a trip with National GeographicHoliday Group quite naturally thinks its luggage is picture perfect and who can blame it? The Montreal company has teamed up with National Geographic on its National Geographic and National Geographic Explorer luggage lines that include hard-shell luggage that sport pictures that have actually appeared in issues of National Geographic, including ones that feature images of the likes of leopards or zebras or others that have multiple images, including such iconic travel sites as the Eiffel Tower. “We were thrilled National Geographic chose us because of our expertise,” Holiday Group president Raymond Durocher told a Toronto audience. National Geographic photographer Ken Garrett — whose career has taken him to archeological sites in the likes of Honduras and Egypt (“I’m going to get them to put one of my Pyramids pictures on one of them”) — in turn told the audience that the new luggage is “very well thought out…with attention to detail…One thousand years from now, archeologists will find a piece of luggage and realize it was distributed by the Holiday Group,” he joked. Meanwhile, Durocher noted that some of the bags are made with material created by recycled water bottles, something National Geographic requested. Seen here (l to r) are Durocher, Holiday Group’s Karol Hang and Garrett. (http://www.holiday.ca)