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Tauck has picked two of its top executives to share the honour of serving as co-godmothers at the christening of its new riverboat, the Andorinha next month in Barca de Alva in Portugal.

Company President, Jennifer Tombaugh and Chief Culture Officer Sharyn Cannon both have over 20 years of experience with Tauck and will welcome the new ship into Tauck’s fleet during the first week of August.

Tauck CEO Dan Mahar said: “Jennifer and Sharyn are the embodiment of Tauck’s ethos of caring for others, which has been the cornerstone of Tauck’s success for 96 years. Their deep care and concern for our guests, for our employees, and for our travel advisors and supplier-partners guides all that they do and how they do it. I know I speak for the entire Tauck family when I say that the honor is truly ours to have Jennifer and Sharyn serve as the Andorinha’s godmothers.”

Tombaugh joined Tauck in 2001, and today oversees the company’s Worldwide Operations, Brand Management, Reservations, Guest Relations and Sales teams. During her Tauck career she has been responsible for the launch of Tauck Bridges (the company’s family travel brand), Tauck’s groundbreaking partnership with acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns, the redesign of the company’s reservation systems and website, and the formation of Tauck Ventures, focused on new business development.

Cannon joined Tauck in 1999 as the Director of the company’s Reservations Sales Center. Today she leads a number of key departments including Human Resources, Tauck Director Management and IMPACT (Tauck’s philanthropic efforts), all with special focus on the engagement of Tauck’s employees and stewardship of Tauck’s unique culture. She also co-leads the company’s Global Response Team (crisis management).

Designed specifically to sail on Portugal’s Douro River (and originally scheduled to be christened in March of last year), the Andorinha is named for a species of small migratory swallow that returns to the same nests in Portugal each spring after wintering in Africa. With travel finally resuming after the Covid-19 pandemic, that symbol of resilience and renewal is especially meaningful for Tombaugh and Cannon.

For more, sail on over to www.tauck.ca .

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Tauck Chief Culture Officer, Sharyn Cannon and Tauck President, Jennifer Tombaugh.