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TITANIC Belfast a hit

TITANIC Belfast a hitTITANIC Belfast is on target to welcome its 100,000th visitor from North America as it prepares to celebrate its second year as Northern Ireland’s top visitor attraction. Tourists from Canada and the United States make up the third biggest percentage — outside UK and Ireland — of visitors to Titanic Belfast, located where RMS Titanic was built in Belfast’s shipyard more than 100 years ago. Since the attraction opened on March 31, 2012, North American visitors have made up almost 8% of overall tourists, who have flocked from 148 counties to enjoy the world’s largest Titanic experience. Titanic Belfast CEO, Tim Husbands, commented, “The popularity of Titanic in the United States and Canada knows no bounds. The story has very strong links with North America, and people from the US and Canada are coming to Belfast to visit the birthplace of the great liner, thus completing the circle of this fascinating and enduring story.”