Tourism Vancover Island Makes The Transition

Tourism Vancouver Island has announced it will be transitioning from a destination management organization (a traditional business model in the tourism industry) to a social enterprise called 4VI, a business created to ensure that travel is a force for good for Vancouver Island – forever.

Anthony Everett, President & CEO, 4VI, said that: “The travel and tourism industry has been forever changed by the pandemic. Tourism Vancouver Island was a 60-year-old organization and we need to change with the times. We are making an industry-leading transition that will allow us to be Vancouver Island’s respected tourism advisors known for investing profits into powering the stewardship of our destination and our home.”

A social enterprise is a revenue-generating business that identifies a social good and directs its revenues towards that good. 4VI will support four pillars of social responsibility, including: communities, businesses, culture and environment. With the support of its Board of Directors and trusted advisors, 4VI will create partnerships in the year, and years, to come into which it will invest.

Said Everett: “We don’t want to sit around a boardroom table and simply talk about responsible travel and sustainability. Instead, we are putting our expertise into action and will generate real dollars that will make a real difference to Vancouver Island.”

Janet Docherty, Chair, Board of Directors, 4VI, noted: “This is the celebration of a new chapter,” “4VI will continue to serve the tourism industry on Vancouver Island, but in a new way that directly creates an enduring, vibrant and sustainable Vancouver Island visitor economy.”

To contribute to a more sustainable tourism sector, 4VI also announced it is proud to become a signatory to the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, a global commitment led by the UNWTO to halve emissions by 2030 and reach Net Zero before 2050. 4VI will deliver a climate action plan within 12 months that aligns with the five pathways of the Declaration (Measure, Decarbonize, Regenerate, Collaborate, Finance) to accelerate climate action in tourism.

In the coming days, 4VI will also receive the Responsible Tourism Institute’s Biosphere certification, which aligns with 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations in areas that include climate change, environment, social, economy and culture.

On Earth Day last year, 4VI joined partner regional destination management organizations that operated under the umbrella of the BC Regional Tourism Secretariat to sign a letter of commitment to pursue the certification. One year later, 4VI will be among only a select few worldwide to successfully achieve this designation.

Photo courtesy 4VI