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Transat Discoveries product launch

Transat Discoveries product launchTransat Discoveries has a new brochure describing itineraries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, with the tour operator’s Dan Prior telling a Toronto gathering Wednesday that what’s found in the brochure is only part of what the company offers. “We’re not limited to what’s in the brochure,” said Prior, adding Transat Discoveries will customize itineraries if asked. More than 40 countries are available, he reported. This is Transat Discoveries third year in English Canada and Prior said the company is making inroads in that market. The lion’s share of its English-Canada bookings now come from Ontario, but Transat Discoveries says it’s building a following in other parts of the country as well and is promising a “much more significant presence” in Alberta and British Columbia in 2015. Pictured (l-r) are Transat’s Susie Deveault, Prior and Sherry Brown.