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Transat launch

Transat launchTransat Holidays and Nolitours unveiled their fall-winter Sun programs for 2013-14 to a select VIP group of travel agents in Toronto Friday following similar gatherings in Vancouver and Montreal. Transat exec Denise Heffron (shown) noted that much of Transat’s heavy lifting occurred last year with new product collections, commission structure and booking system, and that the company would stay the course going forward with only modest enhancements and additions, as well as requisite booking features (like price guarantee and air upgrades) and incentives (tiered to Sept. 30 and Oct. 31). New Transat Tours Canada VP and GM Annick Guerard vowed that the company’s goal is to be “more proactive, creative, and, of course, profitable,” while Transat commercial director for Ontario and Atlantic Canada Nicole Bursey added, “Transat completely 100% believes in travel agents.” For more on the program, see upcoming issues of Canadian Travel Press and Travel Courier.