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WestJet Tour


Tier One Travel recently had an exclusive tour of the WestJet Campus & Hangar. The day included lunch and product updates and was enjoyed by 30 Tier One agents. Agents in attendance included Angela Kibsey, Angela duQuesnay, Barb Derbowka, Beth Beier, Denise Partridge, Doris Himmelspeck, Eneida Costa, Jack Summy, Jeanette Clarke, Karli MacKinnon, Kathy Paterson, Marilyn Lowen, Melanie Hersom, Michelle MacKenzie, Mona Thomson, Monica Hillis, Nita Nestman, Pat Grace, Rose Beaulieu, Sharon Anderson, Shelley Ewing, Shelley Parry, Stacey Lazarenko, Stephanie Hatch, Steve Foote, Susan Elliott, Suzanne Szabo, Wade Wiley and Yolande Cavaliere.