Plan B Is NOT An Option

While it’s not the V-shaped recovery that the industry was hoping for, Direct Travel’s president, Canada West, Brian Robertson talks with Canadian Travel Press this week about how the company is staying connected with its people; what the state of play is now; and what the future holds. Spoiler alert: Plan B is not an option.

Robertson told CTP that “morale is as good as it can be expected. Many employees are on temporary layoff and there is nervousness regarding the uncertainty of the future but by the nature of the industry, employees are resilient. Direct Travel have done a great job of keeping all active and inactive employees in touch with internal and external developments via regular contact with managers and regular Town Hall meetings.”

He noted that “many team members have said “thank you” as these are very uncertain times, however it was important to hear status reports from leadership on a transparent and informative basis.”

And Robertson added that: “Our team members love the use of video for our Town Halls because it makes it more personal than conference calls and they feel like they are getting to know the leadership team a little better. “

Overall, Direct Travel’s president, Canada West observed that: “I think team members are optimistic about the industry’s ability to rebound but somewhat anxious that it is taking longer than expected. They have really leaned on each other for support. A lot of them have worked together for years and are more like family than coworkers. They have supported each other while communicating on files while temporary layoffs are in place. While they are uncertain to what the future looks like they are still very passionate about the industry and getting their clients back travelling.”

For the full story, check out this week’s issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.