Plan With Confidence With Star Alliance

Building upon the successful launch of its Travel Information Hub at the end of June, Star Alliance, the world’s largest global airline alliance, has unveiled a series of useful upgrades to now help passengers plan multi-stop itineraries.

This unique alliance service was created by Star Alliance and its member airlines to help customers navigate the ever-changing international travel landscape that has resulted from measures taken by governments, regulators, and other stakeholders to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

The tool provides information on specific health and hygiene measures presented across all elements of the customer journey.

In its most recent iteration, the Star Alliance Travel Information Hub provides customers travelling with Star Alliance member airlines a broader and more personalised user experience. Customers may now:

  • Enter two-segment journey details (two airlines, three airports) — Previously allowing only a query of a single airport, and a single airline, the Travel Information Hub now permits the user to configure a complete itinerary, including the origin airport, a transfer point, and a connecting airline.
  • Country information, both at origin and destination, previously a separate search query, is now integrated into a customer-friendly visual representation of the entire journey.
  • Utilize the Travel Information Hub in four additional languages — In addition to English, customers can use the website tool in Chinese (Simplified), French, German and Spanish, though query results will be returned to the user in the language offered by the source data.
  • Avail themselves of an email function to share their findings with others — This is a particularly helpful feature for friends, colleagues and travel professionals to assist customers by researching on their behalf.

Christian Draeger, VP Customer Experience of the Alliance, said that: “The Star Alliance Travel Information Hub initiative grew out of the need to reduce complexity in air travel in these times of COVID-19. It combines the input of all 26 of our member airlines, and the many key airports in our global network, to provide our customers specific health and hygiene safety guidance for an ever-expanding array of destinations and transfer points.”

More features, and more airports are being added continuously, with the Alliance pledged to continue to offer the most digitally advanced premium travel experience to customers wherever they may be.