Platform For Growth

WeTravel – an integrated-payment platform for multi-day travel companies and used by thousands of global travel businesses to book trips and collect payments – has launched the free-for-use WeTravel Academy — an online resource with downloadable tools to help travel businesses with their growth strategies.

Since its launch in December, more than 1,200 travel businesses and travel advisors have downloaded its content.

With more than 400 content pieces on 12 topics — from how to handle credit card disputes to how to put climate action at the forefront of your business’s strategy — WeTravel collaborated with industry experts to create usable, downloadable eBooks, guides, templates, spreadsheets and surveys to implement into any travel business’s operations.

Johannes Koeppel, WeTravel’s CEO and co-founder, explained that: “At WeTravel, we exist to empower anyone—whether home travel advisors or large tour operators — to lead the best trip possible through our integrated platform. However, we strongly believe our connection to thousands of travel businesses, advisors and influencers stretches beyond bookings and payments to helping these businesses grow in all areas from management to marketing to sustainability.”

Koeppel continued: “Last year, we worked alongside other industry professionals and businesses to provide relevant tools to help travel businesses grow in 2022; it’s incredible to see the impact the Academy is having on business’s growth strategies, in such a short time.”

To date, of the more than 1,200 content downloads, 30% of downloads are from tour operators and 30% from travel advisors. More than 50%  of the tour operators and travel advisors who downloaded content have been in the travel industry for less than five years, the remaining half being veteran businesses and travel advisors.

Most downloads are from North America, with the top-downloaded content failing into three categories: wellness (16%), climate change (12%) and inclusive travel (12%).

In 2022, the business plans to double the Academy’s content production, further working with other travel businesses to create timely and relevant tools that evolve with the travel industry, specifically focusing on sustainability and equality as core growth strategies. Beyond downloadable content, the business plans to continue its work with industry experts to offer real-world applications and hosted discussions for businesses to grow, together.

Said Koeppel: “It’s our hope that as the world continues to open to travel all businesses will have opportunities to grow and succeed, in their respective markets. Through the WeTravel Academy, we will continue to offer growth tools that are relevant and current – and actually make an impact on businesses’ recovery plans.”

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