Plenty Cooking in Saint Lucia


Tracey Warner-Arnold says there’s plenty cooking in Saint Lucia these days.

Warner-Arnold, Saint Lucia’s deputy director of tourism, told a Toronto gathering that featured Saint Lucia culinary ambassador Nina Compton “there”s a cross-section of unique culinary experiences you can have” on an island that offers four- and five-star dining, farm-to-table products are common and chefs often use local produce.

August is Chocolate Heritage Month on an island that produces cocoa beans and that month sees numerous celebrations linked to the sweet confection.

Spas may use chocolate in some of their treatments and the upscale, chocolate-themed Boucan By Hotel Chocolat creates “upscale chocolate” that’s sold in American and British stores, she reported. Visitors can actually make their own chocolate bars.

Warner-Arnold said those living outside the Caribbean shouldn’t simply assume that Caribbean food is the same throughout the region. “Everybody’s food is definitely unique to their island,” she reported.

Pictured at the Toronto event are tourism veteran Clive Farmer, who’s working with the likes of SunSwept Resorts, and Alison Theodore, who heads the Saint Lucia Tourism Board in Canada.