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Remarkable stories of remarkable people in our industry. The print version of Voices of Travel is a 150 page book that has created hours of enjoyable and educational learning. We now introduce you to Voices of Travel – the Podcast version. We continue the story telling with a Podcast series featuring new stories, interviews, and knowledgeable insights into the world of travel.

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Lindsay Pearlman Ensemble Ensemble celebrates 50 in 2018

by Ron Pradinuk | December 18, 2017
Lindsay Pearlman talks about the group’s five decades of success
Vancouver Tracking the trends in 2017..
by Ron Pradinuk | December 1, 2017
.. Looking ahead at 2018
Vancouver This week featuring Beautiful Vancouver
by Ron Pradinuk | November 24, 2017
It’s one of Canada’s most visited city…
Chicago This week, featuring Choose Chicago’s Melanie Perez
by Ron Pradinuk | November 10, 2017
Chicago is recognized as one of the best cities to visit in the United States and in this week’s edition of the Voices of Travel podcast, you’ll hear why from Melanie Perez..
ACTA This week, featuring Ken Lawson, president & CEO of Visit Florida
by Ron Pradinuk | October 6, 2017
What travel agents and their clients need to know about the situation in Florida..
Interview with Wendy Paradis

by Ron Pradinuk | September 22, 2017
ACTA taking care of business for its members
The Shape of Things to Come

by Ron Pradinuk | September 1, 2017
In this special Voices of Travel Podcast celebrating ACTA’s 40th anniversary.
TL Network Travel Leaders Network
by Ron Pradinuk | July 21, 2017
Ron discusses how the new Vacation brand is reshaping the way demand generation is fulfilled in the travel space.
Christine James Christine James one on one interview
by Ron Pradinuk | June 23, 2017In this edition of Voices of Travel, Ron talks with TL Network Canada’s vice-president, Christine James about some of the remarkable changes that the group has been going through.

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