PONANT Expands 2016/2017 Winter Collection


PONANT continues to expand its portfolio of destinations as it sets sail for Africa and the Indian Ocean to explore two new destinations in its Winter 2016/2017 collection of Caribbean, Latin America, Pacific, Asia and Antarctic cruises.

In March 2017, a new itinerary from Cape Horn to Cape of Good Hope will see passengers able to discover spectacular scenery and wildlife. From the edge of the White Continent, passengers on Le Lyrial, Ponant’s newest ship, will sail through the Falkland Islands and South Georgia to the Tristan da Cunha archipelago (British Overseas Territories) and on to South Africa, with a post-cruise program in the Kruger National Park to seek the “Big Five.” A second cruise sails from Cape Town to Durban.

Les Îles Éparse, literally meaning “scattered islands,” are four small French islands stretching along the Mozambique Channel, which have been a nature reserve since 1975. In the last two to three years only about 20 people have visited them. PONANT will be taking passengers there in April 2017 before heading for the volcanic island of Nosy Komba, north of Madagascar, famous for its lemur population.

On the final stage of the cruise at the crossroads between Africa and the Indian Ocean, passengers on Le Lyrial will be able to play he part of chic Robinson Crusoes in Alphonse, La Digue and Victoria in the Seychelles.