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ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies) has made a proposal to merge with the CITC, a move officials from both organizations feel would be a very positive step for both associations. Clearly the two associations have many common mandates and goals as witnessed in ACTA’s 2013-2015 strategic plan. Officials say there is no doubt a merger of the two associations would benefit members from both parties going forward. Immediate benefits would include: strength in numbers; enhanced regional presence; improved communications and an immediate upgrade to technology infrastructure; access to resources to manage web content in real time in house which is currently outsourced at a high cost; leveraging ACTA resources to enhance product offering to existing partners and sponsors; and access to more educational resources and fam opportunities for members. Another key benefit would be operational savings, such as a reduction in professional fees such as one bookkeeper, one lawyer etc.; bringing finances together for both organizations; save on facilities rentals and costs; shared marketing budget; one unified board of directors; synchronization of CMS at no cost to CITC. Certified members of CITC in good standing have the opportunity to vote on the proposed merger at the CITC annual general meeting on April 22 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Terminal 3, Toronto Pearson International Airport, starting at 6 p.m. For the AGM, RSVP to Cynthia Sum at 416-484-4450 or toll free 1-800-589-5776, ext. 227 or by e-mail to events@citc.ca by April 15. Those unable to attend the meeting are encouraged to fill out and send in the proxy form located at http://www.citc.ca/content/en/events-agm-e.asp .

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