Vacation.com is reporting that its five-part webinar training series is seeing positive results. The series featuring Sabre Travel Network\’s ClientBase is being offered exclusively to Vacation.com members. This partnership highlights the continued investment Vacation.com makes in providing its members with resources to help them build their businesses.

The exclusive, Vacation.com ClientBase training series began in late September and is being offered every Wednesday, through Oct. 23. These webinars are being offered for both Web-based ClientBase Online users and for ClientBase Windows users.

Vacation.com vice-president Canada, Christine James said, \”I am very pleased that our agents have a thirst for knowledge and are taking advantage of the education Vacation.com provides to increase their operational efficiencies and become more successful. By working with Sabre Travel Network, we were able to create this unique program that demonstrates to agents how Vacation.com uses available client data to target the right promotions to the right customers. We teach our agents how to keep the full circle of marketing in constant motion.\”

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