Postcards From Saint Lucia

With the lure of the Pitons and unforgettable accommodations like Jade Mountain and Sugar Beach, Saint Lucia has long been a leading honeymoon and romance destination. But top selling agents for Saint Lucia reveal the island’s appeal extends far beyond that.

“I sell Saint Lucia because the island is stunning, the people are incredible and there isn’t another island like it,” Alex Maloney, a travel consultant at Glenny Travel in Fort Erie, Ont., tells Travel Courier. “Post pandemic, I am booking more families than ever before. I think the type of resorts that have opened that are family-friendly are a big reason for this. I sell it to a lot of families with kids who are also interested in more than just sitting in a pool or on a beach. Saint Lucia is great for exploring and a big pull for people is how safe of an island it is.”

Maloney says properties like Coconut Bay and Royalton Saint Lucia are well maintained resorts “with lots for kids to do.”

Dubbing it “the Hawaii of the Caribbean,” Lois Barbour of Travel Time – TPI from St. John’s, Newfoundland, notes that clients can often easily transfer from an inquiry for Hawaii to a Saint Lucia stay as a better fit.

“I think of Saint Lucia as an option when my honeymoon clients want a more active vacation. There are lots of land and water sports options that can keep them as active as they wish to be,” she adds. “Saint Lucia has something a little different from the usual southern destination options. The variety of unique properties hold the attention of many clients, and even if that is not where they end up going, it allows them the opportunity to pay more attention to Saint Lucia as a destination. It is usually of interest to folks who have already been to places like Jamaica, Mexico and the DR, and are looking to go somewhere different.”

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