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Power Up With Ensemble

Agency Group Gears Up For San Diego Conference


The Ensemble Travel Group will host its 2016 international conference in San Diego at the Manchester Grand Hyatt from Oct. 19 to Oct. 23.

Theme of the event will be “Power Up!” and it will feature over 40 professional development and networking opportunities.

According to the agency group’s executives, this year’s agenda is the most diverse in years, with sessions focused on every aspect of being a successful travel professional.

Ensemble’s co-president, Lindsay Pearlman said that: “Not only will our members and partners learn the latest developments from Ensemble, they’ll gain destination and product know-how, advanced business and communication skills, and nutrition and exercise pointers. We even have a session on mental toughness for women called Cursing for Ladies (Without Swearing).

And Pearlman continued: “Our goal is to help our members and partners ‘Power Up’ both mentally and physically for the challenges they face in the business of travel.”

For more, go to http://www.joinensemble.com .

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