Pretty As A Picture

Travel Professionals International (TPI) Advisor, Kelly Krill was awarded third place for the 2019 Virtuoso Photo Contest at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas recently.

The contest recognizes unique travel photos submitted by their national community of travel advisors across North America.

Said Krill of KLK TPI: “I’m honoured to have that photo place in the Virtuoso Travel Photo contest and to be able to share my special moment with others as it hangs in the Bellagio gallery at Virtuoso Travel Week.”

Krill’s photo was taken while on a Silversea Expedition cruise last September in Sumatra. It was always on Krill’s bucket list to go trekking to the Orangutans in Sumatra. The 3 am trek in Sumatra led the group through muddy trails along the mountain for 5 km, until they came around a corner to find a mother and baby Orangutan hanging out in a tree.

Another 2 km of trekking and Krill was lucky enough to glance to her side and see a large male walk on a tree branch to collect fruit. This was the beautiful moment she captured and has been able to share in the Virtuoso Photo Contest.

Of all the amazing photos submitted to the contest, TPI is proud to have one of their own Advisors awarded for capturing this once in a lifetime moment, “Wild Orangutan Getting Fruit”, in a photo. Krill says she already has a photo in mind from her latest trip to submit for next year’s Virtuoso Photo Contest.

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