Promises Made Must Be Promises Kept

While ACTA indicates that it’s ‘looks forward to working’ with the newly elected federal government, it is also making it clear that it plans to hold the Liberal’s to the promises that they made in their election platform to introduce a new wage and rent subsidy program for hardest-hit tourism businesses who have experience a minimum 40% revenue loss, with benefits up to 75% to cover fixed costs between September 2020 and May 31, 2022.

The industry association said that it was pleased to confirm prior to the election that travel agencies will be eligible for these programs.

ACTA will also be urging the government to act quickly on this promise and ensure broad program rules to ensure no eligible business is left behind.

Wendy Paradis, ACTA president, said: “Of critical importance is the survival of the hardest-hit businesses. Tourism businesses, including travel agencies, travel agents and independent travel agents, continue to experience severe impacts on revenue resulting from government travel restrictions and advisories.”

Paradis continued: “With nearly two years of little to no revenue, many travel agencies and independent travel agents are facing immediate challenges to their continued operations. There is an urgent need for continued wage, rent, and CRB-type financial support for hardest-hit tourism businesses so they can survive to see recovery.”

ACTA also pointed out that thousands of independent travel agents across Canada have relied on the CRB for survival during the past 18 months, with Paradis observing: “If independent travel agents are not included in the platform promise, government must introduce a new program that is like the CRB targeted to hardest-hit persons in the tourism sector. ACTA will get to work immediately to advocate for this urgent need.”

However, she cautioned that it is typical that a new government takes a few weeks after an election to get to work.

Said Paradis: “We hope there won’t be delays. This is a unique situation – there’s a global pandemic and wave 4 is hitting Canada. Extended financial support of travel agencies, travel agents and independent travel agents is urgent with current program expiry dates looming. We urge the new government to act quickly.”

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