‘Promising’ Times Ahead for India Tourism


The director of India Tourism Toronto says the coming year is shaping up well for his homeland’s tourist trade.

Anil Oraw told a Toronto gathering last night (Dec. 17) that India is looking at “very promising things,” including Air Canada’s decision to begin providing a link between this country and India in 2015, with Oraw saying direct flights from the national carrier will help make India a lot more attractive to Canadians.

Oraw added he’s hoping the Indian government will soon lift visa requirements for Canadians.

Those of us who visit India will find “there are many parts” to the large country, he continued.

Meanwhile, Toronto radio personality Chris Robinson, who recently visited the country with Insight Vacations, told the audience a “fantastic surprise” will await visitors, regardless of what part of India they’re seeing.

Robinson singled out the Taj Mahal for special praise, labeling it the “most magnificent building on the planet.”

Pictured are Ram Kolipakam of Air India; Oraw; Sally Mikhail of GMTours; and Munir Talib of the Travel Circuit.