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Puerto Rico Welcomes Vacationers

Puerto Rico’s tourism infrastructure has allowed the island to resume regular operations of hotels, sites and attractions, as well as become a transient hub for travellers from across the Caribbean.

Efforts over the past week have helped more than 3,000 tourists from neighbouring Caribbean islands be diverted to Puerto Rico, in addition to mobilizing industry partners to co-ordinate collections of supplies and donations.

“Today, nearly all hotels in Puerto Rico are operational and apt to continue receiving guests. We’re very fortunate that it’s business as usual across the island and we’re already back on our feet,” said Jose Izquierdo, executive director of the PRTC. “Our Caribbean neighbours need support so we’ve been mobilizing our industry to not only take in travellers who have had their vacations disrupted to serve as a transient hub for them, but also help with relief efforts being conducted by local and US authorities.”

Marriott hotels, for instance, including San Juan Marriott, Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and AC Hotel by Marriott, welcomed approximately 700 guests from St. Thomas, St. Maarten and St. John. Wyndham Grand Rio Mar in Rio Grande has welcomed approximately 300 guests from St. Thomas.

While some power outages are present on the island, most of Puerto Rico has their power back and the majority of the hotels, as well as essential services on the island such as hospitals and supermarkets, have electric service and are fully operational.


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