Puerto Vallarta tourism officials respond to robbery

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board has responded to the Feb. 23 robbery of 22 Carnival Cruise passengers during a walking tour near the town of “The Nogalito”on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. “This is an extremely rare incident that is not part of the experience our historic international tourism destination offers our guests and we are pleased that our destination’s officials, and the US Consulate, took swift action to ensure the health and safety of all our guests involved,”officials said a statement. “Minutes after we learned of the incident representatives from the local and state government, tourism leaders and tour operators [responded] to provide assistance to those who involved and police and the district’s attorney office started their investigation.”They went on to say, “As one of Mexico’s leading destinations, we have high regards for the security and safety of our visitors and we are constantly working on enhancing the safety measures employed by our local police and private security officers who work at our many tourism attractions, including new international standardized training. We are also making renovations to the city’s streets and popular tourist zones, which will better serve our guests and their safety.”