Quebec Is In Vogue

It's Been An Amazing Year, Officials Say


The cornerstone of Quebec’s tourist trade is on a roll that shows no signs of abating.

Montreal will host over 10 million tourists this year – the first time the city’s topped that figure in a 12-month period – and that translates into good news for all of Quebec, Juan Pablo Suarez of Quebec Original told an Oct. 13 Toronto gathering.

“Quebec this year has really been in vogue…It’s having an amazing year,” he said.

International visitations to Montreal in the first quarter of 2016 were up by a hefty 21% and the city has also seen a 6% increase in air service, he added.

Meanwhile, the countdown has begun as Montreal prepares to celebrate its 375 anniversary, with the actual date of that impressive milestone being May 17 but festivities actually beginning in mid-December of this year and continuing through 2017

“We’re going to have a lot of Christmas markets in Old Montreal and the entertainment district,” Catherine Binette of Tourisme Montreal said of the launch of the celebration.

“Every month there’s going to be a different activity,” she added of 2017’s numerous events.

The high point will be May 17, with among other things the city’s landmark Jacques Cartier Bridge being lit up.

Binette said those wanting to visit the city next summer should book quickly as hotels are expected to be full.

Seen here are Sebastien Desnoyers Picard of Quebec Aboriginal Tourism, Suarez and Guy Godin of Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

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