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Quite An Experience With European Waterways

To launch 2020 and the new decade, European Waterways is inviting travellers to experience some of the top UNESCO sites in Europe aboard their fleet of luxury hotel barges that offer the opportunity to see these wonders “up close and in person.”

Highlights on the World Heritage List include such famous attractions as France’s sweeping Canal du Midi – a masterpiece of hydraulic and structural engineering and one of the greatest constructions of the 17th century.

Originally used for transporting wheat, wine and textiles, the Canal du Midi fell into neglect for over 100 years with the introduction of the railroad. It enjoyed a renaissance as a popular tourist destination in the 1980s and 1990s thanks, in part, to barging visionaries such as European Waterways, which introduced travelers to its beauty, natural charm and engineering brilliance.

Derek Banks, managing director of European Waterways, said: “Among man-made attractions, the Canal du Midi is in a class by itself. We are pleased to have played a part in making it one of France’s most popular destinations, introducing travellers from all over the world to the fascinating and historically rich countryside surrounding it.”

In fact, four of European Waterways’ luxury barges cruise various lengths of the Canal du Midi, which stretches 224 miles through picturesque countryside and sleepy villages to connect the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea.

They include the 10-passenger Athos – a converted grain and wine barge; the 8-passenger Anjodi – a classic Dutch barge which made her first appearance on the canal over 35 years ago; the 8-passenger Enchanté, which offers a distinctive blend of luxury, spacious accommodations and style in the Midi countryside; and 8-passenger Rosa, which cruises the western end of the canal, close to Bordeaux.

In addition to the unique experience of floating upon this serene and scenic man-made marvel, guests can enjoy specialized cruises such as food and wine appreciation, family and multi-generational, biking, and golf.

Excursions include tours of such historical sites as the UNESCO-listed medieval fortified city of Carcassonne, plus picturesque Minerve and Narbonne.

Sail on over to https://www.europeanwaterways.com/blog/top-unesco-sites-in-france/ for more.

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