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RAIL DEAL: European savings

For the first time ever, Rail Europe is offering agents a chance to save big for their clients with the “Revolutionary Offer”– 20% off First Class France Rail Passes Promotion between April 9 and 30. With this offer, agents who book a First Class France Rail Pass can offer clients 20% off extensive travel on the national rail network of France. Whether travellers choose to explore winding fields of sunflowers, experience the majestic French Alps or retrace Napoleon’s historic footsteps, the France Rail Pass offers the flexibility of between three and nine days of consecutive or non-consecutive travel to be used within a one-month period. For clients seeking a day trip, 20% off a First Class France Day Pass is also available. The France Day Pass provides extensive travel for one day during a one-month period on the national rail network of France including some of the region’s most welcoming cities, such as Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Dijon and Reims. Prices begin at $233 for the First Class France Rail Pass and $126 for the First Class France Day Pass. (http://www.agent.raileurope.ca)

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