Rail Europe Savings, Agent Rewards

Rail Europe is inviting travellers to experience the beauty of Switzerland at a discount with 30% off the first-class electronic Swiss Travel Pass, in partnership with Switzerland Tourism and Swiss Travel System.

And, agents will receive a $10 Amazon.com gift card for eligible bookings.

The Swiss Travel Pass promotion details include: 30% discount on three-, four-, eight- and 15-day 1st Class electronic Swiss Travel Pass; available for purchase through March 29 and valid for travel starting on or before June 30; coupon code: ESWISSSPRING.
Clients looking to experience Switzerland with the Swiss Travel Pass will receive: extensive travel on the Swiss Travel System including rail, lake steamers and postal buses; access to some of Switzerland’s scenic trains, including the Bernina Express, Glacier Express, GoldenPass Line and Wilhelm Tell Express; free travel on public transportation in 75 towns and cities; free access to over 490 Swiss museums; and up to 50% discount on mountain railways and cable cars.

Prices begin at US$351 for the three-day 1st class electronic Swiss Travel Pass before the 30% discount is applied.

(image by Christian Perret)