Railbookers On Track With Italy Offerings

Railbookers has positioned itself as the one-call solution for excursions to coastal Italy with its all-new itineraries and expanded options for customization.

Travellers are responding with record interest in trips featuring the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, exploring the best that Italy has to offer in areas outside the traditional tourist track.

Gareth Jones, Director of Product Development, said: “Italy is traditionally one of our most popular destinations, but for many travellers who have experienced it by way of cities like Rome, Florence and Venice, we discovered a desire to see more.” Jones continued: “We identified and developed new and unique itineraries for rail vacations to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily as a response to customer demand. These trips give travellers the freedom to explore the beauty of the Italian coast independently and without the hassles of driving.”

Introduced just months ago, “The Best of Italy, the Amalfi Coast and Sicily,” is one of Railbookers’ hottest-selling itineraries right now and has seen a jump of more than 600 percent in web interest and is currently featuring a limited-time deal of $250 per couple for all trips inclusive of 7 nights or more.

As travellers continue to make plans for 2023 vacations, Railbookers has seen web traffic to Railbookers’ Amalfi Coast and Sicily offerings increase by nearly 80 percent.

Railbookers currently features 12 packages that include the Amalfi Coast, ranging from 6 to 21 days, while there are seven different Sicily itineraries on offer, ranging from 7 to 15 days.

Each destination features a selection of sightseeing and tourism activities, ranging from culinary tastings and tours including the iconic limoncello liqueur native to the region, explorations of Italy’s natural attractions, private tours of historic sites and much more.

Like all Railbookers trips, either the Amalfi Coast or Sicily can be custom added to any other trip around Europe, as travellers have the freedom to choose from more than 6,000 existing itineraries or customize their own.

For more on the Amalfi Coast program, go to https://www.railbookers.ca/destinations/europe/italy/the-amalfi-coast .

More on the Sicily itineraries can be found at https://www.railbookers.ca/destinations/europe/italy/sicily.


Customers and travel advisors interested in learning how to book this vacation with Railbookers can visit the resources page at https://www.railbookers.ca/where-to-start/resources to learn more.