Ready For A Comeback

From exploring our own backyard to regaining consumer confidence in travelling, agency owners and agents discuss business challenges, what it will take to get their clients travelling again and what changes need to be made to ensure they are better positioned to handle future struggles.

Even after borders reopen and the 14-day self-quarantine rules are dropped, David Elmy, president of Vancouver-based The Travel Group, points out that there will be one more key obstacle to getting travellers to fly abroad again — confidence.

“Tourists and business travellers need to feel confident that they won’t be stranded due to another outbreak, either at their destination or home country,” Elmy tells Travel Courier. “Governments could help by promising to keep travel advisories accurate and predictive. Suppliers can help by continuing to offer extremely flexible re-booking and cancellation policies.”

Staycations and travelling close to home will be the first step towards recovery, he predicts, starting within each province first before expanding across the country. As it stands right now, he says the 14-day quarantine rule is a deal-breaker for all but friends and family travellers.

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