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Discover America Canada AGM Looks To The Future

Discover America Canada says cross-border travel is on the verge of getting a major shot in the arm.

Association president Susan Webb pointed out to members during the Tuesday annual general meeting of a group that promotes travel to the United States that as of April 1 vaccinated Canadians returning home to this country will no longer need to automatically undergo COVID tests.

The testing has been seen as a major deterrent for out-of-country travel.

“It’s not an April Fool’s joke,” Webb said. “It’s really going to help (encourage people visit the United States).”

Canadians still must undergo antigen tests before entering the United States, a requirement Webb hopes will soon be dropped.

Tuesday’s event was done virtually, with Webb saying her association is going a “hybrid” route this year, planning to connect with people with both virtual and in-person events.

Upcoming events will include a May 19 presentation by Jennifer Hendry of the Conference Board of Canada providing what Webb said will be “really good statistics” about future travel trends.

That will be followed by a Toronto update for those planning to attend early June’s IPW show — the largest showcase for U.S. tourism — in Orlando.

“The response from Canadian buyers has been excellent in comparison to last year,” Webb reported. “I think it will be a really great event this year.”

Webb said this year’s event will see the return of a Canadian reception, which she predicted will be a “big celebration.”

Last year’s show didn’t feature that reception, with show organizers making adjustments because of the pandemic.

Discover America Canada is also planning an October Montreal event that will coincide with the SITV show and see input from U.S. Commercial Services.

Meanwhile, event viewers were told by Discover America Canada treasurer Stephen Fine that their association’s finances are in good shape “for this year and the years going forward.”

Association vice-president Denise Graham in turn reported the association now has 61 members, up 15 from last year.

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