Ready To Meet The Demand Says Travel Is Back And Canadians Are Booking

There’s no doubt that travel is back and is ready to handle “the promising numbers that have emerged for travel over the past six months,” as Canadian travellers make it clear that they’re ready to see the world and they’re booking higher-end experiences to do it.

With the industry growing at an annual rate of 12.09%, the projected market value will be just over $1 billion by 2026. Recent studies show that it’s not just about going on a fabulous trip or even how we travel, but why we travel. More than ever, travellers understand the importance of travel as a source of intentional relaxation and connection with loved ones, whether that means going on a big adventure or lying by the beach.

Remarkably, with, vacation packages are almost back up to 100% compared to 2019, while cruises have seen an increase of 300%. The pent-up demand for travel continues with Canadians booking up to 6-months in advance to secure their preferred air, accommodations, and itineraries.

Additionally, consumers are motivated to book now to avoid paying more later as pricing potentially increases and are more willing to invest in more luxurious experiences for their return to travel.

In terms of what types of travel Canadians are most interested in, is seeing a spike in group vacations and multi-generational family trips to popular Caribbean destinations.

Mexico continues to be the number one selling destination for Canadians, with Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Las Vegas closely trailing behind. During the month of July, ran their Christmas In July Sale, which showed Cancun (Mexico) as the top booking destination overall, followed by Punta Cana (Dominican Republic).

In response to the demand, launched a summer promotion on group travel where travellers can pay for their group vacation with a monthly payment plan at 0% interest and be entered for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash back for their trip. The offer began in July and runs until Aug. 31, 2022.

With the high season for Canadian travel just around the corner, is working on new partnerships with other trending destinations such as Jamaica, Barbados, Orlando, and Texas to bring travellers the best selection for their fall and winter getaways.

The travel industry is undoubtedly growing and changing, and continues to shift and adapt in order to meet the needs of today’s travellers with greater precision. Their goal is to be prepared with the right solutions proactively so that Canadians can enjoy their travel time with ease.

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