Ready To Reconnect

One of the things that Transat Distribution Canada’s (TDC) general manager, Karine Gagnon will tell you is that: “TDC has been very active over the past few years in playing a critical role in supporting its network.” And she continues that: “Going forward, I think this is where we need to continue to focus our energies: providing our members with what they need to be more efficient, allowing them to focus all their energy on the special relationship they have with their customers.”

Gagnon told Canadian Travel Press: “I’m very motivated by this new challenge, and since I started my career as a travel professional, it’s a bit of a homecoming. I am also very happy to continue my career path within the Transat family.

My immediate goal is linked to our upcoming Regional Conferences, our first face-to-face event in three years. My focus, and the TDC team’s focus, is to deliver relevant and impactful content to our entire network, at a time when the business recovery is well underway.”

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