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Realstar Hospitality Takes Up The Fight

Realstar Hospitality is taking part in the fight against human trafficking.

“Human trafficking is a despicable global reality. As much as we may like to think that modern-day slavery does not occur in Canada, the ugly truth is that it does,” said Irwin Prince, president & COO, Realstar Hospitality.

And Prince warned that: “Hotels can become the unwitting and unwilling venue for this crime. As an industry, we need to be on the lookout for the indicators all the time.”

Realstar Hospitality embraced all efforts to help raise vigilance for the role that human trafficking can play in the travel and tourism industry.

Through collaboration with the Seattle-based non-profit Business Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST), every employee at over 145 franchised hotels across the country completed BEST’s Inhospitable to Human Trafficking online training.

The department-specific training is a brand standard for all hotel associates at every Days Inn, Motel 6 and Studio 6 franchised location in Canada.

Beyond training, hotel employees received resources to supplement their knowledge further and help prepare them for potential occurrences.

Human trafficking networks often rely on legitimate businesses, such as hotels, to sustain their operations and infrastructure.

Given the transient nature of the hotel industry, with its service-focused culture that respects guest privacy, hotels can be an appealing environment for human traffickers.

Said Prince: “Prevention starts on the front lines, and we are committed to increasing awareness of the signs and the actions necessary to prevent human trafficking. All hotel employees must understand how they can help.”

Realstar Hospitality noted that World Day against Trafficking in Pesons occurs on July 30 each year and is designed to raise awareness about a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise.

For more, go to https://www.bestalliance.org/testhospitality.html .

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