Reconnect With The Islands of Tahiti

Tahiti Tourisme has rolled out its latest campaign, “Reconnect With The World in The Islands of Tahiti,” inviting es travellers to go back to essential values, nature, their loved ones and discover other cultures, in an unrivalled destination.

Coinciding with the announcement of its international borders reopening and its COVID-19-free status, the campaign aims to inspire Canadian travellers through showcasing the beauty, remoteness, and “Mana” that The Islands of Tahiti is famous for.

From images of ancient traditions to crystal clear waters, the campaign highlights the very best of The Islands of Tahiti – least of which is the seclusion and safety of the destination.

Amalia Meliti, account manager of Tahiti Tourisme for Canada, said: “The Islands of Tahiti are one place where the world still feels right due to the natural, untouched, inspiring beauty of the land, ocean and people through which Mana flows, making you feel safe, treasured and connected to the world again.”

And Meliti continued: “This is precisely what the Reconnect campaign demonstrates, and what we hope inspires Canadian travellers to visit our islands once they are able to.”

Rolling out in stages, the first phase is designed to create awareness, encouraging travellers to start dreaming of The Islands of Tahiti.

In the second, tactical phase consumers will be encouraged to book a holiday.

The Islands of Tahiti will reopen its interenational borders on July 15 after being closed for two months. Specific and detailed entry measures and health protocols will apply to all visitors.

Jean Marc Mocellin, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme, observed that: “ COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, changing everything we thought we could rely on and leaving us physically and emotionally disconnected from nature, each other and our own sense of place in the world. Our insights show that people are looking for more than a holiday, they want to feel certain about the world again. The Islands of Tahiti is well placed to deliver on that promise.”

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