Redesigned Experiences From Avalon Waterways

As Pam Hoffee sees it: “River cruising along the Rhine River with Avalon Waterways offers travellers the ease, the breeze and the do-as-you-please experience they’re looking for this year.”

Hoffee, the river cruise company’s managing director continues: “And, with not-so-common Panorama Suites featuring the widest-views in river cruising, we’re also delivering a much-needed cure for cabin fever.”

To showcase the types of experiences in store for travellers, Avalon Waterways has unveiled some of its favourite “Sail & See” and “Dock & Do” experiences along the Rhine River.

Sail & See

Through the widest windows in river cruising, these are just a few of the divine sights of the Rhine that cruisers will see – and savour – with Avalon Waterways.

  • The Alluring Lorelei – The iconic Lorelei rock formation is shrouded in mystery and the myth of a maiden who sat atop the cliff and serenaded sailors through the centuries.
  • Sweet Cologne – Built from 1248 to the 1880s, the magnificence of the Cologne Cathedral makes one feel incredibly small. And it should. Its two towers were once the tallest structures on Earth.
  • Romantic Rudesheim – Made popular by the Romantics in the early 19th century, Rudesheim delights with its terraced vineyards, medieval alleyways and quirky, mechanical music museum.
  • Gorge-ous Castles – Experience whiplash in the best way as you sail through the Rhine Gorge and the 40 castles rising high above medieval villages and vineyard-clad hillsides.
  • Storybook Strasbourg – From its twisting, old town alleyways and crooked, half-timbered homes to its cozy winstubs, or Alsatian taverns, Strasbourg offers a walk through the pages of a Grimm fairytale.
  • Brewtiful Bamberg – Dubbed the “Rome of Germany,” the cobblestoned town of Bamberg is not only a beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s also known for its signature, smoked beer.

Dock & Do

While the Rhine conjures up fairytale fantasies of the Old World, Avalon invites you to enjoy new, memorable experiences with immersive sightseeing and active discoveries in every port.

  • Swirl, Sip and Swoon – Travel along the famed Alsace Wine Route on an enchanting excursion into the countryside for an underground, wine cellar tasting of local wines.
  • Have a Barrel of Fun – Join an expert guide for a tour of Düsseldorf’s world-famous Altbiers. Learn about these historic, top-fermented brews, including what gives them their dark, copper colouring and crisp, fruity taste.
  • Make Your Mark – Walk through Graffiti Street in Ghent where artists create striking spray-can art to their heart’s content. Here, you’re welcome to grab a can and make your own art in the ever-changing, anything-goes alley.
  • Ride Like the Wind – Join a biking tour through the Dutch countryside past polders, dykes, windmills and quaint, centuries-old villages.
  • Take a Bite out of Time – Visit Nijmegen’s 12th-century Commanderie for a fascinating foodie workshop featuring long-forgotten European foods, recipes and ingredients.
  • Say “Oui!” Say “Ja!” – Discover the fusion of German and French culture through storybook Colmar – the “Little Venice” of France and capital of the Alsace Wine Region.