Rediscovering The Philippines

Usually travellers are motivated to book a trip so that they can experience a new destination. But here’s a switch — many Filipinos are drawn to travelling so that they can go back home and rediscover where they came from in the first place, reports Western Canada editor, Ted Davis in this week’s digital edition of Canadian Travel Press.

The well-known diaspora of hard-working Filipinos to economies around the world has meant that many of them resettle in places far from home. Second and third generations follow their parents in their adopted nations, and connections to their land of origin become more fragile.

Hence a demand by North American Filipinos to reacquaint themselves with their native country, and to also discover new places and experiences there.

A newly launched 10-day/nine-night tour of the Philippines is now being marketed to meet this demand. The Winter Escapade 3 is the third-year edition of a tour that takes in highlights of the island country, running from Feb. 3 to 12. Non-Filipinos are of course also invited.

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