Refreshing Changes From Anderson Vacations

Anderson Vacations has refreshed, repriced and shortened the duration of a selection of its escorted tours in order to help agents provide their clients with the option of staying close to their home provinces and to keep travel times to a minimum while continuing to provide an enriching travel experience.

The September departure of the Anderson Vacations ‘Flavours of Quebec’ tour will now start later in order to make sure that participants see the fall colours in the Laurentians and the Charlevoix region of Quebec.

And the September westbound ’Best of the Canadian Rockies’ tour has now been shortened to include the highlights of the Alberta Rockies and then loop back to Edmonton rather than continuing west to Vancouver. This departure will coincide with the fall colours  on the slopes of the Rockies and provide better wildlife viewing opportunities.

Anderson Vacations’ truly unique culinary exploration of Vancouver Island, ‘the 7 Days Delicious Vancouver Island’ tour is now being offered as a shorter 5-day program retaining most of the cheese, cider, wine and food tasting experiences from family run island farms.

In Atlantic Canada, the Maritime Mosaic and Newfoundland tours are being merged to allow travellers to sample the highlights of these scenic provinces.

To provide more winter 2020 travel options, our multi activity and unique ‘Winter in the Canadian Rockies’ tour will now have an early December date with a strong ‘Christmas in the Canadian Rockies’ content while the mid-winter departure will include the Ice Sculptures and Snow Castles in Edmonton and Lake Louise.

And Anderson is also helping out in difficult times, the Calgary-based tour company will be donating $10 from every new booking taken from July 6, 2020, onwards, to the Calgary Food Bank as part of its giving back to the local community. The Calgary Food Bank is included in the Maclean’s list of Canada’s best run charities with a low proportion of donations going towards administration.

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