Remembering Alex Churchman


Long-time Ontario travel agent, Alex Churchman has passed away.

Churchman’s love of travel started at the early age of 16, when he earned his pilots license before he could drive.

As a salesman for Yale forklifts, he spent many hours on commercial jet liners.

Hands-on, and with little expertise, he built a travel agency with his wife Valentina in King City, Ont., before another agency was born in nearby Newmarket.

The two worked hand-in-hand with an amazing staff and wonderful clients who relied on their expertise in accomplishing their dream adventures.

Churchman, who passed away on Nov. 9, leaves behind a family of travel industry veterans – his loving and travelling family of wife Valentina, and daughters Vanessa and Nicole, who both worked in the travel agencies and for tour operators as well.

So take a minute today and remember Alex … he will be missed …